Through your fundraising, we can support researchers on their quest to find less painful and more effective treatments for childhood burns and scar management. Every km you cycle, and every dollar you raise will help kids who are bravely battling serious burns injuries.




Raised in 2022

Join us in September 2022

Since 2007, Bike4Burns has raised a significant amount of funding for research into the most effective treatment for childhood burns and scar management. You can also sign up to ride virtually and help raise funds for this crucial area of research by completing 725km in September 2022 at a location of your choice!

Alternatively, if you are already registered and have paid to join in our physical event leaving Gladstone on 6 September and arriving at the Kedron Emergency Services Complex on 12 September please contact the Children's Hospital Foundation at to sign up your fundraising page today!

Bike 4 Burns - Raffle Draw

Due to the unprecedented severe weather event that impacted Central Queensland in May 2022, the decision was made to postpone the Bike 4 Burns event for safety reasons. The raffle was due to be drawn on Tuesday 17 May 2022 at the Closing Ceremony. 

In line with the new dates (6 – 12 September 2022), the closing date for the raffle is now 11 September 2022, with the raffle draw date to coincide with the Closing Ceremony on 12 September 2022. All raffle tickets already sold remain valid and will be part of the draw on 12 September 2022.

Winners will be contacted by phone and the results will be listed below from 26 September 2022.

How it works

Tools to help you with your fundraising

One reason people donate to charities is because they were simply asked!! To help promote your fundraising event use the downloadable social media posts below. Shout out to friend networks, community, family and your workplace to support you and tell them why you have decided to fundraise.  Here are some great tips to help your fundraiser be a success:
  • Design your fundraising page to make it yours
  • Donate to your page to encourage others
  • Tell your supporters about the charity
  • Email and share on social media
  • Ask your workplace to dollar match
Bike 4 Burns Sponsor my team

Bike 4 Burns Sponsor my team

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Bike 4 Burns Donate Now

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Bike 4 Burns Support me

Bike 4 Burns Riding 725km

Bike 4 Burns Riding 725km

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Bike 4 Burns email signature

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