Together, we can create
a future immune to children’s cancer.

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Charlotte’s Ramble

Join us to secure a place in history by helping to develop immunotherapy’s potential to not only improve children’s survival, but to improve their quality of life.

23 May 2020, Spicers Hidden Vale

Charlotte’s Legacy

Charlotte and her family are passionate to ensure that Charlotte’s legacy supports less aggressive and more effective immunotherapy treatments for children with cancer.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation is working closely with world leading immunologist, Professor Ian Frazer AC so that children with cancer can benefit from the outstanding promise of immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is improving survival rates for adults with cancer, but not enough has been done to translate adult research into new clinical treatments for children. Immunotherapy can improve survival and also survivorship, as immunotherapy treatments don’t have the same lifelong side effects as current treatments.

All funds raised through Charlotte’s Ramble will help work towards another historic medical breakthrough by providing investment into vital research.