How do I register?

Click on the register button on the home page. Pick which category best suits you!

How much does it cost to register?

It's free to register for Step Up for Sick Kids, your team just has to raise over $1,250 all together.

I want to get my workplace involved what do I do?

You could get your workplace to send an expression of interest in a newsletter. Go to our resources page for a templated email asking work colleges or clinicians to join you! Or simply ask four others in your workplace to sign up and elect one to be the team leader. 

What is and when is the event?

The event is a 1.5 hour step up event hosted at Southbank Parklands in the Piazza. The first session is on at 7am – 8:30am and the second session goes from 9am – 10:30am.

How may people in a team?

You have to have a team of five people to join the event and all team members must actively fundraise for the Children’s Hospital Foundation to be involved.

How long do I step for?

There will be two, 1.5 hour sessions that are run in a relay format. So the first steppers will go for the first 20 minutes and so forth until all team members have done their section of stepping up.

Do I complete this in a team?

Yes, all members of the team will have a go of stepping up throughout the 1.5 hours.

Can my work colleagues come to watch me?

Yes, if someone in your workplace isn’t stepping and they would like to come and watch you they must register their details online under the timeslot that you are stepping.

What time does the event start and finish?

The event opening is 7am and we will be closing the event off at 11am for pack down.

What do I bring on the day?

You will need to bring running shoes, your best dress up, water bottle, towel and your phone to check in to the Queensland app.

How will I be doing the challenge on the day?

In a relay format you will be following the lead of Gary from ReachABLE Body & Mind in an energetic aerobic style step challenge. Our professional DJ on the day will be churning out some tunes to help keep you and your team motivated throughout the morning.

How do I update my fundraising goal?

Log into your Step Up for Sick Kids account and edit your profile to update your fundraising target.

How do I get my workplace involved?

Some workplaces have dollar match policies so you could ask your manager who the best person to speak to in regards to getting your workplace to double your donations! Or you could ask your work colleges to sponsor you individually. Feel free to invite some of your work colleges to come along on the day to watch you and the team of five, Step Up for Sick Kids!

Where does my donation go?

If you are a Queensland Children's Hospital employee your donations can go directly back to your ward and fund pieces of equipment or service that is deemed appropriate by Queensland Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital Foundation executives.

If you are a Corporate stepper your donations will go to the general pool to help assist us with the area of greatest need, medical research, state-of-the-art equipment and patient and family service.

Will the event be postponed if Brisbane goes into a lockdown?

Yes, if a lockdown happens and we can’t host the event at Southbank Parklands there is another alternative. We will be postponing the event to a future date and we will contact you in regards to a proposed date and we will also post this on social media. So make sure you add: @Childrenshospitalfoundation

Will there be food and refreshments available on the day?

On the day we will have The Coffee Club cart for your morning coffee and light snacks. We will also supply a light refreshment box on the day to keep you stepping! We don’t recommend having a big breakfast before the challenge. Southbank is full of great places to eat so if you do want breakfast after there are near by cafes.