Ricky Bradley Blume

By Kerrie Blume

In loving memory of Ricky Bradley Blume

In loving memory of Ricky Bradley Blume.

 On Wednesday the 9th of February 2022, our son Ricky Bradley Blume had an accident,

when we found Ricky, we performed CPR until the amazing paramedics arrived. They worked incredibly hard to get his heart going again then rushed him to the Queensland Children's Hospital. 

On Ricky's arrival to the hospital, the Doctors and Nurses went beyond for our beautiful boy to give him the best fighting chance. They worked around the clock for 3 days.

The care Ricky was given was amazing, we cannot thank them all enough. All Doctors and Nurses deserve a medal for what they do day in and out.


Sadly, on the 11th of February 2022 our beautiful boy Ricky Bradley Blume grew his angel wings.


Our boy Ricky Blume was always a fun, loving, outgoing caring boy who enjoyed nothing more but to help people wherever he could. He always put others before himself. Ricky was a 12-year-old boy who grew well beyond his years.


When I spoke with the Children’s Hospital Foundation, they informed me that one of the main machines used to help Ricky, was purchased and donated to the hospital by the Children’s Hospital Foundation.


Within learning this we knew Ricky would want to give back to  Children's foundation and help other kids who need it. Ricky's memory will continue to live on in a way that will help other children and families who need it the most.


As a family we are aware we are not the first nor the last family to face something so tragic,  

So, as a family we have decided to honour our boy Ricky in a way he would have wanted.


Ricky enjoyed nothing more then his Gel Blasting, he was a little champion on and off the field.

We are holding a fundraising event on the 

11th of February 2023. To raise money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation, there be raffles, give aways, sausage sizzle and heaps more fun activities for kids big and small.


It is named the Ricky Bobby Anniversary Exhibition.

This will be held at the Colosseum Gel ball field at 40-44 Johnson Road, Hillcrest Qld 4118. 

If you wish to play tickets will be $25 you don’t need to know how to play, their will be some lovely people to help you.



Donations can also be made directly to this page if you can not make it on the day. Let's help the Children's Hospital Foundation continue to help others 

Thank you for all your love and support 

Love always the Blume family 

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What an amazing idea 💚 forever and always in our hearts