Together we can be the difference that really matters, and the difference that shapes a child's world.

Children’s Hospital Foundation funds cutting-edge equipment, vital research and on the ground support for kids with all illnesses, injuries and conditions.

We identify and action gaps in funding and support right across the kids’ health landscape – the places left lacking but no less deserving.

Across Queensland and into northern NSW, from the suburbs to the cities, rural, regional and remote, we help all kids not just some, the many not the few.

Here to be the difference every kid deserves

Your impact in numbers

Figures relate to FY 2021/22.

$7.8 MILLION to support research that’s needed to accelerate breakthroughs and champion the delivery of world-class paediatric care
$8.6 MILLION to fund cutting-edge equipment to support sick kids at Queensland Children’s Hospital and across Queensland.
$3.7 MILLION to provide support for families through the toughest of times with programs that nurture social connection, empowerment and moments of happiness.

Thanks to you, we’re here to be the difference that makes it better, and the difference that makes them stronger.

The difference Raf deserves

Nine-year-old Raf was a vibrant and happy kid living on his family’s property in northern New South Wales when he was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in October 2021 – one of the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer.

Within 48 hours, his family’s life was turned upside down, relocating to Brisbane for immediate treatment at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. Since this time, he’s experienced chemotherapy and radiation treatments, surgeries, stem cell harvests and transplants and a life changing type of immunotherapy – Dinutuximab – to treat his cancer.

Being away from their home during border closures, the Foundation was there for the family with the little things that get taken for granted – a toothbrush, a phone charger and real coffee. Since his diagnosis, Raf’s needs have significantly changed. He spends a lot of time in the wards or in isolation, due to his compromised immune system. His mum, Natalie, has lost count of the number of ‘crafternoons’ spent together with Children’s Hospital Foundation craft packs. The Foundation has also provided Raf access to iPads, so he can stay connected with his friends and family over the border.

The future is still unknown for Raf, as he continues to undergo treatment at Queensland Children’s Hospital. But with the promise of immunotherapy, kids like Raf can have hope for a better future.

The Ian Frazer Centre for Children’s Immunotherapy Research is the first of its kind in Australia, which has been established thanks to Children’s Hospital Foundation funding. Immunotherapy is globally recognised as an important new approach to cancer treatment and has the potential to make significant improvements in children’s survival and survivorship.


You're fundraising will help create a future where gaps in funding grow smaller, not bigger, where more lives are saved, more lifetimes are made and world-class is for all, not just for some.

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